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Cooperation 2024-07-08

In a landmark move on July 5th, Sichuan Hanzhou Wind and Solar Energy Technology Group Co., Ltd. (below as "HZNE") and Shenzhen EXENCELL New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (below as "EXENCELL") went head-to-head in a strategic tie-up. The aim is to mutually explore C&I energy storage and grid-scale energy storage businesses, and to develop close collaboration in battery cells and energy storage systems in the future.

By joining forces, HZNE and EXENCELL will combine their strengths in new energy and energy storage, pushing the boundaries of innovation in energy storage technology, and delivering high quality and reliable solutions for customers across the world. In the years to come, both parties will dive deeper into partnership, focusing shared talents on tech R&D, extending market reach, and promoting products. Together, HZNE and EXENCELL are determined to propel the energy storage industry forward, creating a better future for all.


Sichuan Hanzhou Wind and Solar Energy Technology Group Co., Ltd (below as "HZNE") is an integrated enterprise focusing on R&D, production and manufacturing, sales, and maintenance testing. HZNE specializes in lithium batteries, charging equipment, lithium battery pack management, and intelligent power management control systems, wind power, PV, solar energy, and power storage equipment manufacturing, as well as the production of container energy storage power stations. HZNE has numerous intellectual property rights and rich experience and advantages in R&D, production and manufacturing, and technical services of new energy and power storage products and management systems.


Shenzhen Exencell New Energy, founded in 2021, is mainly engaged in electrochemical energy storage, committed to playing an important role in the premium energy storage market. EXENCELL attaches great importance to the balance of industrial development and natural environment and emphasizes the value of sustainable development, taking the principle of UNGC and ESG as key elements of corporate management also the environmental protection and greenhouse gas emissions issues.

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