Moving beyond Energy Storage

Going green for clean energy success, carbon emission, GHG, sustainability.

Greener together, be with Suppliers, Customers, Partners and Communities*(SCPC Methodology)

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EXENCELL supports the United Nations SDGs, believing companies are playing a key role in promoting them, keeping eyes on SDGs that could help business leaders get foresight thinking to avoid from non-operational risks, and joined UNGC in 2023.
SDGs is an important part of EXENCELL’s mission and is served as EXENCELL's strategic guides and benchmarks, especially the 7th goal "Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all" as core of EXENCELL's vision.

Net Zero Carbon Building

EXENCELL believes that buildings are the main source of CO₂ emissions, and supports organizations in the research and exploration of decarbonization in building lifecycle.
In December 2022, Mianyang Base Phase l was certified Net-Zero Carbon Building issued by TÜV Rheinland and BRE, which is the first factory project certified in China. And in February 2024, Zhuhai factory was also granted this certification.

Battery Passport

EXENCELL supports the GBA's (Global Battery Alliance) global partnership centered on battery passport and participates in its initiatives actively to ensure a sustainable and responsible battery value chain, and joined GBA in 2023.
EXENCELL participates actively in GBA's battery passport working groups such as "Piloting", "Social and Governance", "Environmental", "Track and Trace", "Critical Minerals" and plays a constructive role in these groups.

Human-environment Interaction

EXENCELL concentrates on the balance between industrial development and natural environment and believes that biodiversity should be a high priority among global issues.
EXENCELL initiated long term projects such as "Season's FINDING", "Mangrove Protection" and "Ocean Acidification" to arouse public’s attention and engage more people in environment protection.