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EXENCELL and Schneider Electric (China) Forge Strategic Partnership

Cooperation 2023-03-04

From March 3rd to 4th, 2023, Schneider Electric (China) held the Lithium Battery China Tour-2023 Southwest Station in Chengdu to discuss how the lithium battery industry, as a high-energy consumption industry, can achieve energy conservation, efficiency and sustainable development with upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, imagine the development trend of the industry, and create a digital future for the lithium battery industry.


In view of the fact that Shenzhen Exencell New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and its alliance enterprises are optimistic about the development of lithium battery new energy industry with Schneider Electric, and have a common concept for the cooperation in the development of third-party markets, in order to give full play to their advantages and achieve mutual benefits and win-win results, EXENCELL and Schneider Electric (China) reached a strategic cooperation about the production and manufacturing of energy storage battery modules, recycling of waste batteries, technology development, resource integration, supply and demand allocation and so on.


In the future, Schneider Electric (China) will provide advantageous conditions for EXENCELL and its alliance enterprises in the construction of more advanced, green and intelligent lithium battery production plants/industrial parks and battery recycling industrial parks, and give priority to the purchase of energy storage batteries and other related products produced by EXENCELL within its own business scope, which are used in energy storage systems, UPS and other fields. At the same time, EXENCELL and its alliance companies will also give priority to the products and solutions provided by Schneider Electric in terms of power distribution equipment, control equipment, intelligent manufacturing, weak current systems, etc.


EXENCELL and Schneider Electric (China) will have in-depth communication, full and comprehensive cooperation in the promotion of new products, new market development, new business development, and joint development of overseas markets, so as to achieve a win-win situation.


Schneider, a global industrial technology leader bringing world-leading expertise in electrification, automation and digitization to smart industries, resilient infrastructure, future-proof data centers, intelligent buildings, and intuitive homes. Anchored by deep domain expertise, Schneider provide integrated end-to-end lifecycle AI enabled Industrial IoT solutions with connected products, automation, software and services, delivering digital twins to enable profitable growth for the customers.


Shenzhen Exencell New Energy, founded in 2021, is mainly engaged in electrochemical energy storage, committed to playing an important role in the premium energy storage market. EXENCELL attaches great importance to the balance of industrial development and natural environment and emphasizes the value of sustainable development, taking the principle of UNGC and ESG as key elements of corporate management also the environmental protection and greenhouse gas emissions issues.

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