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EXENCELL Welcomed Customers to Visit Mianyang Factory

Event 2024-03-29

EXENCELL is branching out internationally. Recently, EXENCELL Mianyang factory welcomed customers from north europe and middle east to visit mother line and laboratories. Take the factory audit as an example, the rigorous assessment covers 19 areas & 179 items and the auditor dedicated 3 days in factory to ensure every detail was examined. The satisfying final result demonstrates EXENCELL's commitment to upholding standards and delivering exceptional products.



Reaching international markets facilitates EXENCELL's new outlets and bigger brand exposure. EXENCELL is ambitious with long-term & lofty vision "Empowering Green Energy" and is contributing to global sustainable development with innovative technology and efficient energy storage solutions.


If you are interested in our products, we welcome you to come and visit our factory and you can also email us about your needs: contact@exencell.com

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