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EXENCELL was Invited to Attend United Nations Global Compact Night

Exhibition & Campaign 2023-12-11

As a new participant of United Nations Global Compact, EXENCELL is actively participating in the activities to communicate with other partners about supporting sustainable development principles. On November 7, William Zhang, EXENCELL’s sales VP attended UN Global Compact Night in Shanghai, a global forum aggregates UN Global Compact APAC representatives and UN Global Compact participants.


William Zhang communicated with Liu Meng (head of Asia Pacific Networks of UN Global Compact) and Ole Lund Hansen (chief of Global Operations of UN Global Compact) about EXENCELL’s honor of joining UN Global Compact and the actions aligning with UN Global Compact values. Hansen welcomed EXENCELL, an energy storage company to join and said that an increasing number of Chinese companies participating UN Global Compact adopt its principles. Additionally, William Zhang discussed with UN Global Compact experts about more collaboration opportunities regarding Young SDG Innovator Program, SBTi training and topics about gender equality and women's empowerment.


EXENCELL is proud of joining UN Global Compact and hope that the mechanism of UN Global Compact can promote EXENCELL's progress in human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, improving the ability to deal with non-operational risks with forward-looking actions. EXENCELL believes these principles are also the important guilds about being better prepared for battery passport which involves the above 4 factors.


UN Global Compact, launched in 2000 by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, is the largest corporate sustainability initiative, a call to companies to align strategies and operations with universal principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

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