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EXENCELL "Reinvent Myself" program to pursue excellence

Exhibition & Campaign 2024-06-20

Enterprise development and talent grooming go hand in hand at EXENCELL. The essence of our "Reinvent Myself" plan is not just to enhance our team's office software skills and workplace etiquette but to also help find their greater potential which can truly transform work efficiency. And part 2 is built to fully equip our management team with advanced team management skills and knowledge while elevating their sense for latest market trends. This program is designed to fuel our corporate culture in driving EXENCELL's success.

The training is composed of eight sessions, and a total of over 400 people participated. The lecturers gave comprehensive and systematic courses through multi-dimensional learning approach that includes theoretical explanations, case analysis, video and interactive activities. The attendees' active participation and interaction with the speakers formed a good learning atmosphere. Furthermore, team building activities gave participants a taste of community strength and highlighted the crucial role of a competent organizer for the success of the team.

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