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Qingjin Agricultural Equipment Project Landed with EXENCELL CCI ESS

Project 2024-06-13

Qingjin Agricultural Equipment Project with a total installed capacity of 4MW, located in the hub to capital of China, Dezhou City in Shandong Province, is equipped with EXENCELL CCI ESS with EXENCELL cells inside. This project includes a 4000kW PV system and 600kW/1200kWh of BESS, and the energy storage system consists of 6 sets of 100kW/200kWh outdoor cabinets.

The completion of the project is set to generate an average of 4.4 million kWh of electricity per year, to reduce coal use 1,570 tons and to cut carbon emissions by about 4,350 tons per year. This is a stride toward a sustainable future and we are one step closer to a greener world!


Our ESS made up of ELEPHENTA cells are used in Community-scale, Commercial & Industrial to manage businesses’ and organizations’ energy consumption, reduce costs, and improve sustainability.

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